Greg Mason Burns

I create art that makes you feel and think. My art is a dialogue between my intellectual and aesthetic approach and your interpretation; however, you may want to do that. The goal is to get you to feel what you are seeing, and for that feeling to continue into your home.

My work is diverse and includes, among others: abstract, contemporary, landscape, portrait, color field, minimalism, photography, and reductive art. Some of these styles blend together, while others stand alone. I am inspired by the moment, and maintain a freedom to create what needs to be created, using whichever medium and technique is most appropriate such as: oil, watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel, photography, acrylic, collage, murals, or videography, etc.

What is art to you? What drives you to like art? Come in and discover what conversations we can have together. 

No matter what your approach to art is, you can browse colors and textures or go deeper and explore specific projects like Reception Theory, where I create inside the gap that exists between what is said and what is understood.

Likewise, you might also enjoy two of my other projects:

Art is to be discovered here. Welcome.

Greg Mason Burns
Greg Mason Burns in his studio

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A Tree in Tenno is a minimalist watercolor painting using sepias, greys, reds, and yellows.

A Painted Tree is a Whole Moment.

This is a guest post by Nivea Bona. It is the first in a series of posts by people who are champions of my art. In this post, Bona makes a link between how we care for and see trees and art in our lives. It is based on a trip to Italy where the above painting, A Tree in Tenno, was first imagined. A painted tree is not only a tree. Nor is it art. It is a whole moment. A tree.  Have you ever thought of how many trees you see every day? Do you pay attention to

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Public Art Commission Kennebec Valley Community College

Public Art Commission: Kennebec Valley Community College – Fairfield, ME

These are the murals I created for Kennebec Valley Community College in Fairfield, ME (KVCC) via the Percent for Art Program run by the Maine Arts Commission. They are of a stained-glass style and represent the tools, trades, workers, and landmarks of the area and the school’s academic program. My murals in Brunswick, ME received a lot of great feedback due to their color and stained-glass concept. I decided to expand on this concept and apply for several other projects. This KVCC project was actually my first competitive commission where I won the contract. In August of 2022, I was

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Blur #3 is an abstract photo of a tiny paint swab no more than 1/4" in size.

Truth and Lies

Before he wrote The Wealth of Nations, in his book The Theory of Moral Sentiments, Adam Smith pontificated something extreme with regards to charity. He roughly stated that we don’t know the difference between making ourselves feel good and “doing it for God” when being charitable towards other humans. This got him into some trouble with the church. It was only a little trouble because he had sprinkled in enough references to “God” to keep him safe. Smith had learned from his friend David Hume’s failures. Hume didn’t lie, and society severely punished him both academically and socially. Adam Smith

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