Greg Mason Burns

I create art that makes you feel and think. My art is a dialogue between my intellectual and aesthetic approach and your interpretation; however, you may want to do that. The goal is to get you to feel what you are seeing, and for that feeling to continue into your home.

My work is diverse and includes, among others: abstract, contemporary, landscape, portrait, color field, minimalism, photography, and reductive art. Some of these styles blend together, while others stand alone. I am inspired by the moment, and maintain a freedom to create what needs to be created, using whichever medium and technique is most appropriate such as: oil, watercolor, charcoal, oil pastel, photography, acrylic, collage, murals, or videography, etc.

What is art to you? What drives you to like art? Come in and discover what conversations we can have together. 

No matter what your approach to art is, you can browse colors and textures or go deeper and explore specific projects like Reception Theory, where I create inside the gap that exists between what is said and what is understood.

Likewise, you might also enjoy two of my other projects:

Art is to be discovered here. Welcome.

Greg Mason Burns
Greg Mason Burns in his studio

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Public Art Commission Kennebec Valley Community College

Behind the Art: Stained-Glass Paintings

The above image of one of my stained-glass paintings is a zoom-in photo of a larger mural that I did for the Kennebec Valley Community College Whitney Wing in 2023. This was the first big break I got from developing this style of painting. Well, actually, it was the second break, but it was the first big one where I actually made some money off my time and materials. The Beginning I wanted to create abstract landscape paintings, and I was already pretty good at abstract overall. My work ebbed and flowed between representative, landscape, and abstract, but I leaned

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Do You Understand Art

Do You Understand Art is the fourth in a series of guests posts by my collectors and fans. In this post, Nivea Bona reflects on how art makes us feel something and how we try to rationalize that even when there’s no need to do so. Below, Bona shares how this notion challenged her in other parts of her life, and I challenge you to tell me which side I lean toward: intent or in-the-moment emotion. Do You Understand Art – By Nivea Bona Yesterday I had another psychotherapy session that handed me annoying insights. It is funny how we

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Portland Head Light is a watercolor painting of the lighthouse in Cape Elizabeth, Maine.

Portland Head Light

Portland Head Light – Watercolor on Paper – 4″x6″ This is the third in a series of guest posts by my collectors. This post, made by Cynthia Passos, explores the meaning of the dominant lighthouse in Casco Bay, Maine: Portland Head Light in Cape Elizabeth. The author both owns this piece and has visited the lighthouse. She states an inspirational connection between her, me and my wife, and the lighthouse itself. The text below is the English translation. You can find the original Portuguese below that. English Version Lighthouses enchant me, in general, for their symbology of light and direction:

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