Greg Mason Burns



If you would like to buy an original piece, please contact: or send a message here. Prices do not include proper packaging, shipping, and taxes. All originals come with a letter of authenticity.

Originals also can be bought as a sort of layaway through Burns’ Patreon page. You can get more information about how Patreon works here.

Untitled Surreal Abstract #9 is an abstract oil pastel landscape using various shapes and red, blue, green, white, and yellow colors.


If you would like to purchase a print of some of the art exhibited here on the website please go to Saatchi. This website makes really good quality prints in different types of paper and sizes. If the art you chose is not available on Saatchi, please, let me know by emailing me here.


Small original studies and experiments/trials could be purchased at my store on Etsy. Studies are available time to time, so check back often.


To find a high quality and useful gift using some of the art shown here, please go to Society 6. There you can find mugs, tote bags, shower curtains and other kinds of objects with your favorite art printed on them. Let me know here if you want something specific.