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The most-liked art in the history of the world, the most admired paintings like the Sistine Chapel or Rodin’s sculptures, such as The Thinker, were realized because someone decided to fund the artistic work. Monarchs, leaders, bankers and other important families, like the Medicis or the Guggenheims became famous for paying for art to simply be created. They were called patrons, and architects and artists were able to freely create because of their investment.

Nowadays, in a society where the Internet makes everything more accessible, anyone can become a patron and it makes a huge difference in an artist’s life and development. There is no need to be a rich banker, a king or queen, or a famous person to invest in art. Anyone who appreciates art and sees its importance can contribute with any amount and truly support the artist developing his or her craft and talents.

This is also an amazing way of buying original and exclusive art. Normally people think that they can’t afford what they like, but being a patron, anyone can buy, with time, the art they want. 

All patrons of Greg Mason Burns have exclusive access to new projects and the communication channels to give feedback to his work. Each amount of monthly contribution gives access to original studies, cards, products with art printed or, as the patron chooses, an original exclusive piece. In fact, many patrons use Patreon as a way to save up over time to buy that original work of art they have always wanted. Take a look at the options and join the patron group of Greg Mason Burns.

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The noted people and organizations below have contributed during the years with funding Greg´s various projects. This support came in the shape of purchases, crowdfunding, donations, and in-kind gifts.

A great thanks goes out to all of them. Without their help, the projects: operation framed, Zaratan residency, Abstract Portraits, and Watershed residency, would have never come to fruition in the way they have.


Maine Art Comissions


Dr. Roger Draheim
James Lyons
Cynthia Passos MSc.
Gary Hawk
Jody Hawk
William Hessian
Dr. Nivea Bona


Alex Reinhard
Ana Artigas
Angela Bouchard
Ann Burns
Benjamin Bond
Carol Graham
Claire Bailly
Chris Urban
Christine Oswald
David Hedley
Debora Behar

Diane Cutter
Fabio Lecina Marin
Felipe Ribeiro
Flavia Jensen
Gwen Pfleger
Isa Vellozo
Ken Turner
Ken Weber
Kevin Winter
Margaret Hogan
Marian Burns

Meagan Camp
Michael Ford
Nigel Smithson
Pedro Suarez
Philip Prescott
Rebecca Nesson
Ross Theriault
Samira Ali-Aouada
Soren Jensen
Terrie Marcoe
Yvonne Hedley