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Minimalist charcoal nude drawing free art

Study of a Posing Nude #2

Every now and again, one needs to renew what one is doing. It’s a process of revitalization. You start something and do it for a period of time, and then you need to start the same thing anew in order to keep things fresh. For me, that means a new website, and I’d like to invite you to participate and get free art. How can you do this? It’s easy. Go to my portfolio or my blog and find anything that you like. Post a comment here, on this blog post, what you found and maybe tell me a little bit about why. You’ll then be in line to receive a free, minimalist, charcoal portrait study like the one to the right. All studies are about 11″ x 14″ or 28 cm x 36 cm, and are charcoal on Bristol paper. Keep reading below to learn more.

Origin of Charcoal Studies

I did these drawings while attending a modeling session with a bunch of other artists. The other artists drew more realistic or representative versions, but I saw things differently. I saw things simpler, and I wanted to show that simple side of people. For me, it’s about taking out unnecessary information. I didn’t need to show every wrinkle, hair, muscle, or roll of fat to show what I was seeing. Instead, I was seeing the beauty of the pose, or what I thought the model really wanted me to see: his or her essence. As a result of these sessions, I have about 50 original, unique studies in my studio, and one can be yours. Here’s how this works:

How to Get Your Original Free Art

Minimalist charcoal nude drawing study of a seated nude free art

Study of a Seated Nude #7

  • As noted above, go to my Portfolio or Blog and find anything that interests you.
  • Come back to this blog post and post in the comments write what that thing is that you like, and maybe why.
  • If that’s all you want to do, then that’s great. You’ve been a great help and I appreciate you taking the time to visit the site. Thank you!
  • If you’d like a free study, then send me an email at gmburns (at) gregmasonburns (dot) com, and I’ll send you a pdf that you can print out at home. And with this option you can choose any of my works to have as a pdf, not just a minimalist drawing.
  • To get a physical, original, minimalist drawing drawing, then all I ask is you pay for shipping. Send me an email  with your address and some indication that you paid for your shipping (so I can find you).
  • Shipping costs are $5.95 for anything in the U.S. If you want to pick it up for free, let me know and we can work out a time for you to visit the studio (In Maine). You might even get a chance to choose which drawing you want.
  • For International shipping, get in touch. Fees can be crazy depending on the country.
  • You can pay via credit card, Venmo, or your Paypal balance by clicking the donate button below.
  • Once that’s all settled, I’ll get your study out to you in a matter of a few days.
  • Offer ends when I run out of studies.

If you’d like to get advance notice of my works-in-progress and finished works, you can always subscribe on my Patreon page at: Most of my subscribers get free art every year, and all subscribers get a chance to save up to buy an original over time. Start your collection today!

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  • Mikael Tayoba July 23, 2022 1:04 pm

    I love “The Massacre.” It’s so simple, yet full of such depth. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world.

    • debora July 24, 2022 12:25 pm

      Thanks Mikael! Check your inbox.

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