Greg Mason Burns

Interview on Gazeta do Povo

Gazeta do Povo, Arte, Art, Interview, Entrevista, Pastel de Oleo, Vidro, Video, Article, Oil Pastel, Glass, PaintingEnglish: I was recently interviewed on TV for eParaná´s program Cultura. Now I have an interview with Paraná´s largest newspaper, Gazeta do Povo. I´m happy with this interview, too. It was very well done. Both the journalist and cameraman were beyond professional and thorough. I hope you enjoy it. The video doesn’t seem to be on the website anymore, unfortunately. However, the written interview on Gazeta do Povo is still there.

The project I was working on at the time was oil-pastel-on-glass, and for this interview I did a quick drawing of castenholas, which was a part of a flamenco project I was also doing, too. I only did about a dozen of these types of works before I moved on to other projects, but many of these paintings are still hanging in my own home. I ended up selling about five or six over the years.

Português: Recentemente, eu fui entrevistado na TV eParaná no programa Cultura. Agora eu tenho uma entrevista no maior jornal do Paraná, Gazeta do Povo. Existem dois links: 1) o artigo e; 2) o vídeo. Vou colocar os dois em baixo, mas o vídeo é embaixo do artigo. Também, o vídeo está embaixo aqui.

Estou feliz com essa entrevista. Foi bem feita. Tanto a jornalista e o homem da câmera foram muito profissionais e dedicados. Espero que você desfrute.

The article (em Português) (to see the article in English, just go to Google Translate, copy and paste the newspaper’s link, and hit “translate”).