Greg Mason Burns

Abstract Ideas. Art You Can Imagine


Art You Can Imagine
Abstract Ideas. Art You Can Imagine

Conceptual art now dominates the art world. It’s not the skill of the artwork that’s the most important element in the creative process, but the idea behind it instead. I work in abstract ideas – ideas not completely defined – that allow me to create works, even longer projects, that give us something to think about. It’s art you can imagine.

For example, imagine watching the news and the reporter tells you something is fact even though you might not agree with it. There’s a gap between you and the reporter isn’t there? His or her information doesn’t line up with your understanding of the same subject. The reporter ignores the gap between the two of you, and you might do so as well. I don’t. I take that gap and ask what might it look like if it were a village. Yeah, pretty abstract wouldn’t you say? And yet, I’ve taken this gap between the media and the audience and I’ve created a village that doesn’t exist anywhere except in this project.

Want to learn more? Come to the Southwest Harbor Library on Wed, November 1, 2017 to discover how I do this. Entrance is free and refreshments are available.