Greg Mason Burns

Southwest Harbor Exhibit Opening Night

About that Southwest Harbor exhibit opening night! What a week it’s been. Being busy isn’t even the word. Despite all the happenings leading up to opening night, the hanging, reception, and artist talk at the Southwest Harbor Public Library (Abstract Ideas, Art You Can Imagine) all went off without a hitch. I had about 10 people come, with about five coming early expecting the talk to begin at 5:30 instead of at 7:00. That’s my fault, as I wasn’t clear about the talk’s time. Still, the exhibit looks good. Twenty-seven pieces hanging throughout. I’m pretty happy with that, and how everything looks.

One thing I most enjoyed about this exhibit was the curation process. I finally had about 30 pieces that I wanted to hang. I couldn’t hang all of them, and in fact I left quite a few of my best, larger pieces at home because one section of the library I had previously thought I could hang in was suddenly unavailable. So I had to actually curate, and I felt good knowing that I had 27 pieces I was comfortable hanging. Everything looked good in the end. I’m actually pretty proud of my work. Have a look below: