Greg Mason Burns

After Hanging the Paintings

Hanging the paintings Excited for my first event, I decided grab a few pics after hanging the paintings. I’m looking forward to it. Today I went back to sign a few more paintings knowing that they’d be drier than when I hung them. Later this week we’ll put up the labels, prices, information, etc.[/caption]

This is my first exhibit in a restaurant, and I’m grateful for the opportunity. I’ve worked hard to get these first paintings done. I’m self-taught as an artist, so I’ve had to learn everything from scratch: from how oil mixes with the white background, to how to apply different colors and shades and tones at different times while waiting for the final result to appear. 

Hanging the paintings felt good, too. It’s funny because I’m not one to get overly excited about things, and I was more professional in how I wanted the exhibit to look than getting worked up over just the event itself.