Greg Mason Burns

First Exhibition Success!

quite a crowd for a first exhibition

Turnout for my first exhibition

Two months ago I was eating at a restaurant with empty walls and thought, “I wonder if I could hang some paintings here.” We talked with the owner and he agreed. Last night was the night, and 30 friends and family joined together to help me celebrate my first exhibition. To say that it was a success is an understatement. I thought that maybe I´d sell one painting, two if I was lucky. In the end, I sold four and had two inquiries about future commissions. Not bad for a first exhibition.

It may be needless, but I´m going to say that I´m still flying high. I was super happy to see the turnout and there were some sales that I was quite happy with, too. Thanks to everyone who came and made this night memorable for me. Fingers are crossed that there will be many more to come.

Looking back on this night, I realized just how nice it was to have that first night. Some of the art work was good, some of it quite amateurish, but a lot of good came from that first exhibition. All of the buyers still have their works today, and I’ve seen a couple of them over the years since this night. All in good shape and hanging in a great spot in offices and homes. I’m forever grateful for this first night of success. It hasn’t been as easy over the years as the quality of my work has increased and become more contemporary and professional. The better you get, the more is expected of you. I’m still exhibiting quite a bit these days, and still selling, too, but nothing beats the thrills of that first night. Thanks again to all those who made my dream possible!