Greg Mason Burns


2014 Year in Review: Greg Mason Burns

This was a huge year for me artistically. I had my first museum and gallery exhibits and produced some of the best paintings I’ve done. My work has developed in both the abstract and figurative realms, and my style has strengthened. Below is a video of my work in 2014. I hope you enjoy.   You can see the videos on both my youtube and vimeo channels.  

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History of Color: Gold

I recently posted a video from the BBC about the history of the color blue. It was such a fascinating watch because blue is the most important color on my palette. This new video from the BBC is about the color gold, and, as expected, it’s influence is pretty far reaching. And who knew that the greatest goldsmith of all was also a murderer, a rapist, and once stole gold from the Pope? Pretty daring stuff I’d say.   I’ve never done a lot with the color gold itself. I tend to rely more on yellow, but there are some

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Technique Instruction: Figurative Oil Painting

My strongest work are my abstracts, but sometimes the figurative comes out in me and I produce some good landscapes, still life paintings, and portraits. I enjoy these more than my abstracts because of the challenge they present, but like anything they require practice. I came across these videos by Joseph Lorusso who shows us how he builds up his palette and uses it on canvas to produce a portrait. There are some good tips in here on figurative oil painting. I hope you enjoy. You can view both on The vast majority of my work is abstract, even

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Technique Instruction: How to Varnish a Painting

This page, with accompanying slideshows and photos, is the most comprehensive article on how to varnish a painting I’ve ever seen. It’s put together by, which has a lot of good technical info including advice on how to reduce glare, how to enter juried shows, or even info about table surfaces and easels. You may not want to follow this person’s advice all the way through, as it’s quite complex, but there are a ton of good ideas in here to use otherwise. It was the section at the bottom on how to clean a varnish brush that caught

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Behind the Painting: Igreja do Cerro Branco (and other small towns)

I grew up in a small town on the coast of Maine, mostly on an island but sometimes on a peninsula near that island, too. The shop doors would open in May and the tourists started trickling in around Memorial Day at the end of the month. Things would turn into a boom from the 4th of July until Labor Day at the beginning of September. When I was growing up, October was quiet but these days leaf peepers come in hoards, making October the busiest month for many. After that the local folks tire and look forward to a

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Trust in the Process: The Myth of the Right-Left Brain Mentality

Part I of this series is here Part II of this series is here Part III of this series is here The right and left parts of the brain may do certain things, but they don’t operate exclusively. I took this right-brain vs. left-brain test recently and scored 16 out of a possible 21 (there are 22 questions, but one is the same with reversed answers). I’m borderline “moderate” to “strong” right brain, which means I’m supposed to be more creative in my life. There is some truth to this, but a lot of this is also complete bunk. Here’s

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