Greg Mason Burns

April 2022

Experiments in Watercolor: Diversity in Luminosity

Experiments in Watercolor: Diversity in Luminosity

  [caption id="attachment_6038" align="alignleft" width="225"] Poster by Liz Prescott[/caption] Experiments in Watercolor: Diversity in Luminosity, is a seven-artist exhibit that I have both curated and am in as an artist. The show runs at the UMVA Gallery at 516 Congress Street in Portland, Maine for the month of May, 2022. The artists, including me, are: Alan Crichton, Arthur Nichols, Liz Prescott, Rabee Kiwan, Ed Nadeau, and Jack Silverio. I created this exhibit as an attempt to show how watercolor has many varieties of work. I believe most people think of watercolor as great washes of landscapes and portraits. But I have often worked...

Cityscape Series: Behind the Paintings

These cityscape paintings are some of the first that I did as an artist. It is not a coincidence that I created them when I first moved to Brazil. There's a huge difference between small-town Maine and big-city Brazil, and it's not the type of difference you get between small towns and big cities anywhere. City II - Oil on Canvas (2012) I had lived in several cities before moving to Brazil, but the level of caution that I needed to exercise with regards to violence was vastly different in Brazil than those other cities. I went from a sense confidence in...