Greg Mason Burns

Exhibit at the Northeast Harbor Public Library

Today we hung the exhibit and tomorrow we open for the month of April at the Northeast Harbor Public Library on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. This will represent my US debut, and I’m excited. It’s an excellent location for exposure to a great community. Galleries and museums are nice, but the location is often just as important, and in this town the library is probably just as valuable, maybe more so.

There’s just a few more tweaks to do tomorrow afternoon before we officially open, but fingers are crossed that all goes well, and not just for tomorrow but for the whole month as well.

This was an event that made me nervous. You see, most of my art shipped out in a container many months ago. Until recently, hadn’t heard from the shipping company, and they were several months late as it was. In the end, the works arrived unscathed. Nothing scares an artist like losing an entire portfolio on the high seas. But all is well, and the exhibit is ready to go.

Here’s a few pics of the opening from today. I’ll post back later with an update on how the day went.