Greg Mason Burns

Kickstarter Project Launch

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Barcelona Rooftops (available on Kickstarter)

A happy day today, as I begin my first ever Kickstarter project. The name of this project is Operation: Frame and its purpose is to help raise funds to frame paintings for my exhibit in February in Curitiba, Brasil. You can see the project here:

What is Kickstarter? It’s the world’s largest crowd-funding website that helps creatives find the necessary funding to finish projects. I’ve supported three projects thus far (two movies and a book) and I’m sure I’ll support more going forward.

Why support a Kickstarter project? Simply put there lots of great ideas and creative people in this world who go unnoticed by the masses. Kickstarter gives them a chance to not only raise awareness but also the necessary funding to get to the finish line. And the benefit for you are the cool rewards that are on offer as a result of your support as well as the knowledge that you helped someone creative reap the rewards of making this world a little more interesting.

Why support my project? Often the world expects artists to work for free, or for “exposure”, so to speak. Not only is this damaging to the individual, but it’s also damaging to the overall growth of creativity in culture. Such is how Brasil functions with regards to visual artists. I need help framing my paintings for an up-coming exhibit in February. I almost went broke preparing and communicating my last exhibit, which was a success press-wise (I got interviews on the local TV station and newspaper) but was difficult to manage financially. Without your help I will not be able to frame and exhibit these paintings. I simply don’t have the financial means to do so.

What do you get out of the deal? I’m offering not only some of the paintings that will be exhibited (i.e. – you can own a painting that was exhibited in Brasil!) but also postcards with my art on them (and a Brasilian stamp!) and commissioned paintings. I’m also giving credit on my website and at the exhibit, so please stop by, donate, and share this project with your friends and family. It’s a great way to get directly involved with an artist, let alone one living abroad!

Thanks and best…