Greg Mason Burns

Nova Documentary on New Artists

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New Year Gift (2013)

I saw a recent documentary by Nova on some of today’s young artists (New Art and the Young Artists behind it). The artists made some interesting comments about what it takes to be an artist in today’s world. Tofer Chin said he thinks its about 50-50 quality of art to marketing. I agree with him, and it’s not easy to be a marketer when you just want to focus on the art. I guess this is the world we live in, though.

I’ve often thought about making murals. I’ve never really seen my work as mural-material, but that’s mostly because I just haven’t really focused on that technique overall. I’m still in my development stage and still learning how to be an artist, let alone an administrator of art let alone someone who can develop a painting on-site outdoors. Still, I look at how many artists there are out there, and I wonder how am I ever going to break through to get seen. I’m definitely going to have to develop more over time in other areas that I really wasn’t aware I’d need to before I became an artist. It’s always like that isn’t it? One gets in the business to sell widgets only to find that the market wants gadgets? I’m not into making “commercial art” but the money has to come from somewhere.

I added my image of New Year Gift here because I could see this painted on a large wall somewhere, much like many of the art shown in the video. Maybe I’ll be in the next Nova documentary!