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Operation Frame on Kickstarter a Success…Thanks!

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One of my rewards for Operation Frame

So recently my Kickstarter project, Operation Frame, finished. It was my first Kickstarter campaign, or any fundraising campaign for that matter, and it was a success. I was trying to raise $500 to help pay for frames for my exhibit in February, 2014. My purpose for raising the money was really because I didn’t have enough money to frame the small paintings (all about 20 x 40 cm or slightly smaller) that I’d be exhibiting. If I didn’t raise the money then I wouldn’t have been able to exhibit the paintings with a professional look.As it turns out, I was able to raise $872, or 174% of my goal. Naturally, I’m ecstatic. Not only was I able to buy 10 frames, but I was able to buy some watercolor supplies for a new project (and a new medium for me). The plan is a series of watercolors representing Spain with the hopes of exhibiting them later this year. I’m also going to buy some larger canvases (50 x 70 cm up to 100 x 140 cm) for an abstract cityscape line that I hope to unveil in the coming months. I have already experimented with this before and feel that it will make for a good project as well.

So in short, I just want to thank everyone who participated in the project. Your donations and support have made this a success. This is your page and I’m happy to see your names there.