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Technique Instruction: Basic Forms

Basic Forms

Basic Forms – Study of Boxes and Bottles in Blue

As a self-taught artist, I needed to learn some basics before I could move on to more complicated projects. Of course I’m still developing, and still need to practice just as any other artist needs to. But when I came across a site by Bill Martin I had forgotten how fun it is to go back and practice those things that one first learns. I like to keep things simple in my own art, often focusing on bold colors and basic forms. Going back to the basics always leads me down new avenues. Discovering this site brought to light many new ideas, too. I hope you enjoy it, or at the very least it takes you to something more complex.

Basic forms and basic colors often go together with my art. I use basic colors a lot. It’s actually one of the identifying features of my work. I’m not sure why I developed this way, to be honest. Mixing colors just never appealed to me as much as squeezing them from the tube straight on to the canvas. Basic forms also appeal to me. Some people suggest I work with a Minimalist’s mindset, but that’s not entirely true. I prefer to take the noise from a subject and paint just that. Simplicity drives me more than anything else. When I get stuck creatively, going back to basic forms helps me. I hope it can help you, too.

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Bill Martin’s Basic Forms