Greg Mason Burns

Artist Residency at The Quarry – Contemporary Arts International

Artist Residency at The Quarry - Contemporary Arts International

Contemporary Arts International presents: Self-Portrait #2 – oil on canvas – 2013

Great news. I’ve been accepted to attend a two-month artist residency at The Quarry at Contemporary Arts International in Acton, MA for 2018. My tenure there will be split between one month in the spring (May-June) and another in the fall (Oct-Nov) with the exhibit being in Nov.

My plan is to create ten large pieces similar to the one to the left. Except that I won’t be doing silhouettes. Instead, I’ll be painting colored squares or stripes as a background and putting the minimalist charcoal drawings seen below on top of the colors. I may keep the minimalist drawings black, or I may change the colors. I’m not sure yet as that is going to require more research. Other colored examples are below as well.

Still, this is yet another great opportunity, and your support helps to make that time away from work possible, so thanks! I feel this is a great opportunity. The folks who run Artist Contemporary Arts International are well established and have a lot of great advice to offer. When I went to my previous residency in Portugal, I didn’t have much of a plan. This time, it’s different. I know a lot more about what I’m going to be doing. That’s a good thing and I think good things will come from that.