Greg Mason Burns

Zaratan Open Studio

My Zaratan open studio starts Friday, Jan 27 at 7pm to 10pm and goes until Sunday, Jan 29. The open studio is upstairs from the gallery in the residents’ quarters. I will show the studies that I created during my residency period. At the same time, I will show a work-in-progress sculpture using beer cans and a collaborative video with fellow resident Daniel Gawronski. Admission is free. This comes after my artist talk, which you can see here.

All pieces are for sale, including a limited-edition run of a Risograph. I created the Risograph at the request of the Zaratan staff. 
Most of the work is charcoal-on-paper. I decided to not paint because the oil was taking forever to dry. I did not bring my acrylic paint with me, so my only other choice was to draw. This was good practice for me, as I had not previously done a lot of abstract work in charcoal. I did create a few watercolors and dry pastel works, too. Most of the watercolors I created were postcards that I sent to my supporters. Abstract watercolor is still a technique that I hope to develop more in the coming years.