Greg Mason Burns


Kickstarter Project Launch

A happy day today, as I begin my first ever Kickstarter project. The name of this project is Operation: Frame and its purpose is to help raise funds to frame paintings for my exhibit in February in Curitiba, Brasil. You can see the project here: What is Kickstarter? It’s the world’s largest crowd-funding website that helps creatives find the necessary funding to finish projects. I’ve supported three projects thus far (two movies and a book) and I’m sure I’ll support more going forward. Why support a Kickstarter project? Simply put there lots of great ideas and creative people in this

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Art and Medicine

Art and medicine are linked in ways we might not have expected. I’m excited to share this Dupont-Corian article because it could save everyone money.  According to the research published by Upali Nanda, Director of Research, American Art Resources, one study pitted a Van Gogh painting, A Pollock painting, and a landscape photo. The article states, “When the patient’s medication use was charted, it was found that in contrast to the control group, the patients consumed slightly more medication while looking at Pollock’s abstract work, suggesting that the art had made them anxious.” The article also suggests that the cost

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Art Motivates and Can Help You Make Better Financial Decisions

I live in Brasil and recently had to do a presentation in my Portuguese class. The assignment was to create an argument that would convince the rest of the class that my side was best. Since I’m an artist, I chose a topic regarding why art motivates and can help You make better financial decisions. There is a lot of research out there that shows why art is good for you, and it isn’t just because it’s beautiful or anything like that. It’s because art sends messages to our subconscious that cause us to react. But it isn’t just prints

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Interview on Gazeta do Povo

English: I was recently interviewed on TV for eParaná´s program Cultura. Now I have an interview with Paraná´s largest newspaper, Gazeta do Povo. I´m happy with this interview, too. It was very well done. Both the journalist and cameraman were beyond professional and thorough. I hope you enjoy it. The video doesn’t seem to be on the website anymore, unfortunately. However, the written interview on Gazeta do Povo is still there. The project I was working on at the time was oil-pastel-on-glass, and for this interview I did a quick drawing of castenholas, which was a part of a flamenco

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Remembering your values

Remembering your values isn’t always easy to do. Ever had a bad day as an artist? Ever wondered where the next commission will come from? The next sale? The next print sale? Ever wonder if it’s worth sticking with it and heading back out to the “real” world? I’ve been on both sides, and being an artist is easily the best thing for me. I know this in my heart. But here’s the thing, it’s not always easy to do it. One needs to remember why one is doing it, and sometimes it’s easy to forget. I had one of

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Ainda Vida – Uma exposição de natureza morta – Hacienda Cafe, Curitiba

Due to most of the attendees being Portuguese-only speakers, this post is in Portuguese. You can always translate it (albeit not that great) at agradecer a todos aqueles que participaram da minha mais recente exposição de pinturas de natureza morta. Fiquei muito feliz em ver aqueles que vieram, e eu aprecio o apoio que vocês deram. Um agradecimento especial a Arlete e Genésio. A exposição vai até o final de agosto. Hacienda está aberto de segunda a sexta-feira, das 12h as 22h (ou mais tarde). Back to English: one of the cool things I got out of this was that

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